Genesis 8

Genesis 8 – All Ashore

Pretty funny thought right at v.1…’and god remembered Noah…and god made a wind to pass over the earth, and the waters assuaged.’ Had god forgotten the ark and its inhabitants? It has been 150 days now.

More sevens and another specific date, v.4, the ark lands in the seventh month on the seventeenth day.

Ok, there is some controversy here, differing amounts of time are attributed to the flood. It rained for 40 days, v.7:12. In v.4 it says that the ark landed so this must be the 150 day mark because that’s when the flood is said to have ended in 7:24. It’s unlikely to be the 40 day mark because the rain would have just ended and no land could have been available, also the 3 month time period they stayed there until

Ok, some controversy here.

Number One

In v.4 it says the ark rested on Ararat until the tenth month when the tops of the mountains were seen…how could it have rested on a mountain three months before the mountain top was visible?
It says in v.7 Noah opened the window to release the raven to see if there was land, but it had only just stopped raining, or so it says in 7:12. Why would land be available the same day it stopped raining? But one week later, v11, a dove found an olive branch!
Less than one week after a planetary disaster in which every living thing was destroyed including plants an olive tree is grown and flowering. remember your science, if the water was to cover the tallest mountain it would have killed the plants.

In v.12, two weeks after the ark landed at the forty day mark, they got out.


Number Two

The forty day mark in v6 is forty days after the forty day mark that ended the rains, making only eighty days, and then three weeks when they left the ark, doesn’t add up to the 150 day long flood in v.3.

As you can see there is much more to the story that we just aren’t taught in Sunday school, we are cherry picked verses and taught that which agrees with them. The other stuff is for interpretation but I think not.

So, they get off the ark, god says get busy and repopulate the earth. not only to Noah and his sons and all their wives but also to the animals.

Amazingly in just v.20, Noah takes from the limited supply to offer burnt offerings!

In v.21 god says well I won’t do that again with a confusing message of, ‘for the imagination of man’s heart is evil from his youth.’ Again I ask why did he kill every animal if the reason was man’s imagination and man’s fault?

v.21-22, seem like god is going to take a back seat role from now on. Maybe this is why he seems unbelievable these days, but then again we have the entire rest of the bible where he does interfere so I guess that’s out.

One last thought, did you know they’ve found Noah’s Ark?…multiple times, in different countries, in different mountain ranges and by different people…hmm

A lot of money is made in each discovery and makes the area a destination for tourists. Little if any evidence is ever actually found except some wood dated to differing times or stones with markings on them. Check out the wiki article on Noah’s ark to see just how many times and people have discovered it.


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