Genesis 7

Chapter 7 – The Flood

Ok, right off the bat we have a little contradiction. In v. 2 Noah is told to take 7 of each male and female beasts (land animals) and two each, male and female, of the unclean. 7 of each, male and female, of the birds. I know I was always taught that the animals came 1 male and 1 female to the ark, at the very least teach the kids what is actually in the bible.

Why keep or even create the unclean animals?

We don’t know how long he was given to build the ark but he’s only given 7 (7 again) days to gather all of the animals.

In v.4 god says he will destroy ‘every living substance’ No mention is made of the fish in the ocean being saved in the ark or from the destruction.

600 years old…

There are odd places that they are specific about details like in v.11 the exact date of the flood is given.

v.20…15 cubits above the highest mountain covering the whole of the earth in only 40 days of rain..hmm. Check this link to see the math of that…

-v.21-‘all flesh died’
-v.22-‘all that was in the dry land died’
-v.23-‘every living substance was destroyed’
Do we need to be told that many times that god destroyed everything?

v.24-the waters prevailed 150 days….where did it all go after that? If there was enough to cover the highest mountain it can’t just evaporate it would still be in the system.


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