Genesis 6

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Chapter 6 – The Sons and the Flood

The Sons of God

Verses 1-4 seem like they are thrown into the mix and don’t really flow with the story.

Who are the “Sons of God”? It just doesn’t say.

They could be angels, but another theory says they are descendants of Adam mixing with the pre-Adam women. Both likely, neither with more evidence for or against than the other, so its just up to us to decide which to follow.

I must say though, it seems less likely that the children of angels would cause so much bad that god would have to send a flood to wipe the slate clean.

Also, how many people do you know that live to be 120 years old?

Preparations for the Flood

So, v.5, we’re 9 or 10 generations into humanity and god says he’s made a mistake and needs to start over.

v.7, ‘I will destroy man whom I have created,’ sounds like what my mom said growing up, “I brought you into this world, I can take you out of it’ Except ONE person was just and perfect.

God can only blame himself, he is the creator, he created the serpent who tempted Eve and the imaginations of man to be like they are. Either he isn’t as all-powerful as is claimed or he isn’t the only eternal being around.

Noah found favor with god so he is told ‘behold, I will destroy them with the earth.’

It says that Noah was the only perfect one, why were his sons saved?

 So, God gives Noah directions to build an ark (v.14-16):

Instead of detailing the problems with the story of Noah, which I understood as problems even as young as about 10, I will outline the problems and give links that go into more depth than I have the space to do.

-Dimensions of a wooden ship

-Dimensions of a ship to contain EVERY species of animal and plant to be saved

-A family of 8 living on the boat and taking care of all of the animals and plants for the duration of the flood

 Links:  Here, Here, and the best one Here.

While Noah is building such a large ship wouldn’t his neighbors question why? It is expected that no other person prepared for the catastrophe? Even today, if one crazy person starts talking about zombies or some global catastrophe there will be quite a few people who at least plan for the disaster even if they don’t fully believe it will happen.

Seeing all of the problems with the story of Noah and the flood it is more likely that the flood was a local flood and Noah (if he even existed) gathered the local animals to save them.

I have no confidence in the story of Noah because of these problems but also because of the multitude of other flood myths from other belief systems. Each of the flood stories is dated to different times, attributed to different gods, and with different but similar heroes.


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