Genesis 5

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Chapter 5 – The Generations


This chapter is boring, so not much commentary this time.


The majority of the chapter is spent explaining the ridiculously long lives of the first generations of humans. 930, 912, 905, 910, 895, 962…ridiculously long.


When Lamech was born, there were nine generations alive! That’s great-great-great-great-great-great


-v.24…Enoch seemingly was taken to heaven without dying.


Remarkably Lamech lived exactly 777 years. He wanted anyone who harmed him to be punished 77-fold. AND he was the 7th generation of human! Too many coincidences, seems more likely that it was made up to me.


At the end of the chapter, v.32, Noah is said to have bore 3 sons in the same year. Either 1-triplets which would likely have been commented about; 2-polygamy, again; or 3-another fairy tale.


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