Genesis 4

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Chapter 4 – Cain and Abel

v.1 Adam and Eve got to “KNOW” each other…giggidy…and conceived Cain and Abel.

So, v.1-2 is the conception, birth, and childhood of the first two kids on earth? No need to ask where Adam and Eve got their parenting skills…’What To Expect When You’re Expecting The First Kids In Existence’ probably wasn’t around back then.

Cain grows up to be a ‘tiller of the field’ while Abel is the ‘keeper of sheep.’

When they give a burnt offering to god Cain brings his crops and Abel brings the firstlings of his flock. God takes favor with Abel and does not respect the offering given by Cain. Cain gets upset, and god doesn’t understand why he’s mad….really? he tries to explain in v.7 but its nonsensical to me.

v.8 Cain slays his brother even though he was really mad at god.

v.9 the first sarcastic response…’Am I my brother’s keeper?’ probably a rhetorical question anyways because god asked Cain where Abel was; one of only 4 people (maybe) on earth. I hope it was a rhetorical question anyways, if not the omniscient thing is really going out the window and we’re only 4 chapters in to the bible.

God curses Cain to be a fugitive and a vagabond in v.12 but by v.17 Cain has a wife, a son, and a CITY. Also, I know it comes up often but it is a valid question; just where did this wife come from? Maybe a pre-Adamite? Maybe god made more people even though he couldn’t or at least didn’t make Eve without a part of Adam.

Cain is said to be marked so that no one can harm him lest they have it back sevenfold. I don’t see the reason why though. Is it for protection or punishment? Cain says everyone would try to kill him (who is everyone? There are only 4 people we know of so far) when they see him so god marks him so no one can harm him maybe so he has to live with his guilt forever. An LDS myth tells of Cain still wandering the earth as, get this, Big Foot.

So, v.17, the city of Enoch is built. v.18-23 are the descendants of Cain. A couple of things to point out:

-v.17-22 – seven generations of men found wives and bore children before Eve bore Seth in v.25

-where did all of those women come from?

-Lamech, 5 generations down from Cain, took two wives, good news for the LDS, polygamy has been around from the beginning.

Cain was marked and cursed for killing his brother so Lamech decides, in v.24, that is the way of things so when he kills a guy (who? And where did he come from?) he decides that whoever kills him will be punished seventy and sevenfold. He thinks highly of himself I guess.

-Seth finds a wife too?!


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