Genesis 3

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Chapter 3


This is it, the serpent, the apple, the woman…


The Serpent

The bible doesn’t actually state this is the devil. I was always taught that it was the devil and I always wondered why god would make a being of such evil and deception to cause so much trouble. Another interpretation that I’ve heard of is that the serpent is the (or a descendant of the) male and female from the Genesis 1 creation account. This thinking is troublesome because it leads to a slippery slope some have used for racism. ‘beast of the field’ is a black male who was possessed by the devil and became the father of Cain which is why he (Cain) was bad, killed his brother, was marked, and was the father of all the Jews.

This is another question or remark that Christians haven’t been able to answer well enough. Why did the creator create evil? Why, if not for sport, would he cause so much to happen and then punish the humans for it?


The Fruit of the Tree

The serpent says in v.4, ‘Ye shall not surely die.’ So Eve eats and gives to Adam and he eats and they DIE. No, they don’t actually. They heard god walking through the garden and hid from him and he doesn’t know that they ate of the fruit until they told him. Omniscience? No.

In 3:12, Adam totally sells Eve out…’she gave to me of the tree, and I did eat.’

So, because the serpent told them that god lied he was to…be a serpent? This seems to lend a little credence to the theory of the father of Cain from above, maybe. Also, see v.15, god is talking to the serpent (we’ll call him pre-Adam) about his seed (Cain?) and the enmity between his and Adams (Cain and Abel).

One thought, why didn’t god start over right here? Take out the tree, take out the serpent, take out adam and eve and just start over, we’re just at the start of the project why keep going if you know it will fail?


Eve is punished too with…childbearing and listening to her husband.

v.16, ‘thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.’ I’ve had a problem with people saying and believing women are lesser beings for a while now and it caused a great fight in our family. I stand by my saying that this is one reason to think the bible and religion are MAN made and not revelation.


Adam is punished because he ‘hearkened unto the voice of thy wife.’


A strange thing, Adam names his wife Eve ‘because she was the mother of all living.’ She apparently hasn’t deserved a name until now. A strange theory that the pre-Adam created male and female didn’t get punished with childbearing so Eve is the only one to bear children and is considered the mother of all living.


v.22…’Behold man has become as one of US,’ another reference to multiple gods? I think so.


v.22-24, Adam and Eve are sent out of the garden so they can’t also eat of the tree of life. Perhaps so they couldn’t become gods themselves? It says they are kicked out ‘lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever.’


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