Genesis 2

My comments on my read through of the bible’s Genesis 2. Follow along here or at my website. Also I’d like to give a shout out to BibleSkepticPodcast for giving me the idea and starting point.


Chapter 2

Just in reading the first three verses I think they should have been added to the end of Chapter 1, they flow with that story and are the ending of it. I think that having the ending of the story of creation not with the actual story means that the story is continued and that Chapter 1 wasn’t actually meant to be an overview. Continuing the story into Chapter 2….continues the story, it doesn’t stop and retell the story.

In v.4, the wording of ‘These are the generations…when they were created’ seems to lend more credibility to the Day/Age theory that is out there to explain away the literal interpretation of the story.


v.5 saying plants hadn’t grown because there was no man to till the earth seems to contradict 1:11-13 which states on the third day plants were formed and then 1:27-31 states humans (man?) were created on the sixth day.


Omniscience – to know all things

God had to know that placing the trees in the garden with the newly formed humans and with the serpent something would happen. If he did and still did it, he planned for all the suffering that came from that point, if he didn’t he isn’t all powerful and omniscient.


In v.17, ‘…in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.’ 2 things:

1-Is this a prophecy? It can certainly be read as one but no I don’t think it was, seems more likely to be the warning everyone calls it to be.

2-Did god just lie? More on this later….

2:18-20 God has Adam name every animal as he formed them looking for ‘an help meet for him.’ Did god not know which animal Adam would choose? As they were naming it is said, ‘there was not found an help meet for him.’ Were they looking for Adam’s spouse throughout the animal kingdom before god decides to just make her from part of Adam?

Also, why did he use Adam’s rib and not just create her like he did Adam. Adam (Man) was created in god’s image and then Eve was created in Adam’s….more chauvinism than I can handle.

Why don’t males have one less rib? Incredibly I remember trying to count my ribs as a kid because I felt this was one story that could be easily tested and I was sure I had one less rib than my sister. Thanks to my science teachers and their skeleton models I learned that is not true. Amazingly there seem to be people who still believe this to be true.


v.25 ‘the man and his wife’ When was the ceremony? The ceremony seems to be so important these days with so many people demanding that homosexual marriages not happen. I just have this to say; the ceremony may have religious roots (I’m not sure) but the legal parts are not based on religion and should not be swayed by religion.


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