Genesis 1

Sorry I took the month of August off, I was just a little burnt out from all the bad reception I’d been getting from my good intentions trying to spark everyone think and question. I’ve hardened my resolve and softened my edges so I can be a better advocate. I’m beginning my new way with a read through of the bible that I will document here on my blog and also on my website.

My comments on Genesis 1, follow along for yourself at I’d love your comments and for you to read along with me.

Chapter 1 – Creation

Before I begin I’ll go ahead and link to the biggest apologist website I know, Answers In Genesis. But I will also link to the Skeptics Bible.

Concerning A I G, I really hope you don’t follow along with their ideas on everything because they take it to an extreme like I’ve never seen before. They take everything in the bible to be completely literal, no interpretation necessary. But also some atheists take it so far and demand the same literal interpretation and attack it full force. I hope to be a middleman in my read through and interpretations.

On the Skeptic Bible Podcast, Barnel brings up a big point that I too have encountered, many people don’t think about the stories and just accept them to ensure they remain a faithful follower.

I agree that Chapter 1 seems more likely to be an overview of the order of creation, but there are problems with the science of it and it doesn’t completely line up with Chapter 2’s account of creation.

In many debates, creationists ask science to explain where the original matter or energy came from that created the universe but don’t think they need to explain where god came from. That is clearly the most logical response and next question but there is no better response than ‘He always was.” If so, then why can’t the universe have always been, in one form or another?

Just a quick recap of creation

Day 1 – Earth, Heaven, Light – Earth and Heaven and light to separate day and night
Day 2 – Firmament – To divide the waters from the waters
Day 3 – Plants – Pulled water back to allow plants to grow on the land
Day 4 – Lights, again – The stars and then the Sun and the Moon
Day 5 – Water Animals – Birds, fish, and aquatic mammals arise from the waters
Day 6 – Land Animals – Beasts of the earth and humans arise from the earth

OK, I have some problems, even if you see this story as an overview and not a literal telling of creation there are problems that arise.

1 – Where did the light come from if the sun and stars weren’t created until the 4th day?

2 – How can you claim the day/night cycle to separate the days of creation if the sun and moon weren’t created before Day 4?

3 – Where did the waters on Day 2 come from?

4 – The firmament is named Heaven in v.8, and the birds are said to fly in the firmament in v.20. Seems like Heaven is only our sky/atmosphere, where is THE heaven then?

5 – Science tells us there is a vacuum of nothingness in space, not water like v.7. In v.8 birds fly in the firmament so it can’t be said that space is the firmament.

6 – In v.16 the “two great lights” were created. I’m not sure about my position on this but many skeptics claim this says the moon is a light which we know it is not, it is only a reflector.

7 – The moon is created to ‘rule the night’ but it spends as much time in the night sky as it does in the DAY.

8 – Many definitions of the word ‘Kind’ exist, so apologists can use it to mean species, genera, families, and even orders of classified animals from the taxonomic tree.

9 – The biggie – god uses the term ‘US’ when creating humans. Not so good for the monotheistic christians but actually works for the LDS.

10 – ‘male and female he created them’ Literal Interpretation says he created male and female at the same time and then later creates male THEN female. Again I say a document from the creator should not be so easily misinterpreted if it truly is from the almighty.

11 – v.29-30 clearly state that we should be vegetarians, everything should be. What about obligate parasites? Who created them if not the creator?

12 – The amount of work that is done on each day seems to be unequal. Light and earth are created on the first day, the firmament (what ever it is) on the second, the sun, the moon, and an innumerable amount of stars are made on the fourth.


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