Good Food, Good Times….O’Charley’s?

No, not O’Charley’s, the Browns; Madey, Mickey, Jay, and Angela! We had such a great time with these old library friends today. We all met up at Downtown Disney and strolled, shopped, and ate. Madey and Sariah were quite excited to see each other, as were the adults, but Mickey could have cared less; good ole Mickey. I haven’t talked with J much before but I like him; he got two small references I made that I doubted anyone would get (one about Family Guy and the other about Julian Smith), I knew at least my wife wouldn’t but I like to think passers-by hear and appreciate them.
Downtown Disney is great. We were able to spend a few hours walking around and didn’t have to pay admission or anything. We walked through the largest Disney store, in the world I think. Sariah actually did come out with a set of 10 princess dolls but for only $30! Score! We would have spent a few dollars at the Giradelli store if it hadn’t had a line out the door, better luck next time ladies.
We ate at Earl of Sandwich, it was great and actually cost less than our lunch at Denny’s. I had the Cannonballer (meatball sub), Crystal had the Caprese’, and Sariah stuck with her old favorite of Mac and Cheese. The mac is pretty darn good but still comes in second to Panera’s.
At The sandwich shop is a splash pad or interactive fountain the kids can play in, and of course, Madey and Sariah had to get all in. They both came out SOAKED and exhausted.
Depending on the weather we may have to change our Weeki Wachi plans but I hope they hold out. Excited to get to see GGMA and GGPA soon, Ocala here we come, soon.

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Mommy…..ZERO! Aww tough luck 🙂


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