I Spy Something Pink…No Blue.

With the upcoming road trip we have been trying to find items to entertain Sariah during her time in the car. Thanks to Pinterest we may have found something worthwile. Sariah loves playing I Spy so I have found a container version. Below are the steps I used to make our bottles, I made two that contained the same items to ‘spy’ so that two people could play and not have to use the same one or risk missing something while we’re driving. We got our inserts at Hobby Lobby and only spent about $20, our bottles were sparkling water from Walmart $1 each.


To make the rice filler for our bottles: Pour white dry rice into your bottles to measure how much you will need. Pour a cup of the alcohol and one color of food coloring into a glass or metal bowl (this is important…if you use plastic you will have to buy new bowls). Pour out the rice from your bottle into the bowl and mix together fully. To intensify the color you can leave the color/alcohol/rice in the bowl for an hour or so and continue to mix every so often, though I didn’t see any need to do that. Pour out the rice on paper towel lined pan. Flatten out to as thin a layer as possible to ensure drying. Allow to dry for at least 12 hours. Make sure it is dry before you put it in the bottle with your inserts or your inserts will dye too.


Make sure you place the inserts into your bottles first! Its easier to pour the rice in after the inserts than the other way round. We had plenty of items left over after making our two bottles. Perhaps I’ll make more to sell.

To get the dried colored rice into the bottles I used a measuring cup (about two cups of rice for our bottles) and a funnel. Pour slowly and carefully or your kitchen too will be littered with pink and blue rice.20130702-082907.jpg

Our finished project. Sariah, Crystal, and I had a great time making these. They didn’t cost much and we had left over supplies so have fun and I hope you guys try this out!


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