Mass Removal

I’ll start this post with a story from my life then I will interpret that story with my current understanding of the world. Please proceed at your own risk as this post will contain pictures with blood and sutures.


Cedar Hill, TN – Fall of ~1998 (actually don’t remember the date but it was back then)

I am woken up in the middle of the night, unable to move any part of my body. I am terrified. I can see, I am laying on my stomach with my head pointed towards the wall. I see a blue light and shadows moving on that wall. Being unable to move I am even more terrified because I can’t turn to see what is making the shadows and why I can’t move and I think about what could be causing this. Aliens! It had to be. Some sort of ray holding me down so they can do whatever they need to do (no anal probe!). Shortly after this experience I became aware of a spot on my back that I was unaware of where it had come from.


Best interpretation I can muster….. Sleep Paralysis and a lava lamp, possibly a little lucid dreaming. I have zero confidence in my initial answer of aliens. I don’t know how many people I have actually told this story to because I actually didn’t believe it was aliens but its what my brain went to at that moment, but the spot was there ever since and my brain kept going back to that idea of aliens. That spot is actually the reason I am writing this post, I’ve had it taken off finally.

Thank you to Premier Medical Center, Dr. Jackson, I am free of my mass. Dr. Jackson and Dr. Miller could not identify the mass so they definitely wanted to send it to a pathologist to be identified.  Below are some of the pictures from my procedure and the healing of the spot.


Dr Jackson performing the removal of the mass.


Mass removed, black spots are marks from the cauterized areas, Dr. Miller actually came in to inspect and took out much more material during the procedure.


The dressings after my first change. Looks bad but no signs of infection or ripped sutures.


More sutures are in this area than you can see, the hole came to be larger than they thought it would have been.


The mass was taken to Cumberland Pathology to try to identify the mass. I will update with more pictures as soon as I hear.


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