Trivia Night – All In The Family

Another night of trivia! Noone from the lab showed so it was just Sariah, Crystal, and I …. All In The Family. Turns out after it started Blanca showed up, YAY, but we didn’t change the team name because it was already written on all of the answer sheets.

We didn’t do nearly as well as we did last week, but it was still fun. So, on to the questions.


Round 1

Spell the word Jamaica

J – A – M – A – I – C – A

What show features the Braverman family living in Berkley, CA?


What 7 letter word, beginning with S, and is a synonym for phantom/ghost?


Round 2

What is the last name of the first human to go into space?

Yuri Gagarin

What is the name of the park, opened in 1999, which now contains the Wizarding World of Harry Potter?

Islands of Adventure, Universal Studios, Orlando

Name the group who had the following lyrics in the second track on their first album. “She never comprimises, Loves babies and surprises, wears high heels when she exercises, Ain’t it beautuiful”

Train (Meet Virginia)

Round 3

What mountain is the highest point in California?

Mount Whitney

In 1988, what actor was the “ghost with the most” Beetlejuice?

Michael Keaton

Who is the composer of “Stars and Stripes Forever”?



Name the Movie/Series the following characters originate from.

Queen Padme’ Amidala               Star Wars

Jake Sully               Avatar

Hal 9000          2001: A Space Odyssey

Ellen Ripley          Aliens

Cpt. S. Hiller          Independence Day

Round 5

What French Impressionist was a contemporary of Claude Monet?


What colony was founded by James Oglethorpe, originally, as a home for those in debtors prison?


In Poker, what cards consist of a “dead man’s hand“?

Aces and Eights

Round 6

Which is longer?

1/4 Mile    vs     USS George H W Bush

Which is taller?

Seattle Space Needle     vs     St. Louis Arch

Is Shirley Temple dead or alive?



What two forces faced off in the 5th century BCE Polynesian War?

Sparta vs Athens


Alright, great night of fun at trivia night at Don Panchos, but we did not do well on the points.


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