Dance Recital 2013


Adams Academy of the Arts presents “The Color of Love” dance recital for 2013.


For nearly a year now every, well almost every, Wednesday we have driven from Clarksville to Cedar Hill to get Sariah to dance practice. Today was the day we got to see the fruits of our and her labors.


I kind of feel bad that Grammy, Grampy, and Uncle Parker (my wife’s mom, dad, and brother) drove all the way up here to see her because she didn’t really do much dancing. She looked beautiful in her two outfits, one to the song “Colors of the Wind” and another to “Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini“.


Dance Recital 2013 YouTube Playlist


Even though she didn’t actually dance much at the recital, I know she had a great time over the last year and I have had the time of my life being with her every Wednesday. I really looked forward to our days together, I hope I will find something else for her to do now that dance is over. Sariah has showed interest in gymnastics and hopefully I will be able to get her into it and she will perform well. Any ideas moms and dads? Thanks for reading! I leave you with the best picture of my dear ballerina.


My Ballerina



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