Kindergarten Assessment

So today is Sariah’s assessment for kindergarten. I have so many thoughts going through my head about what is going to happen. The letter from CMCSS was totally lacking in information, turns out this assessment could take up to two hours! This seems excessive to me. We aren’t the only ones here either. I think they have a couple of kids here at one time so that they can feed off of one another and relax quicker. No parents allowed and Sariah almost threw a fit about that but she went with the other kids, so proud.

I will edit when I learn more….


So, Sariah came out with the two other kids….no one cried! yay! I thought we might have been the crier but she didn’t, so proud. Anyways, in the car on the way back to work I ask her about what they talked about, turns out they didn’t talk about anything, they just played with blocks. So I ask her specifically about parts I knew to be in the assessment; colors, shapes, numbers, letters, writing, name recognition, etc…..

nope none of them, she said they didn’t talk about any of these things. My only thought, these ladies are good. The teachers that were assessing them did so with them not even knowing that they were answering questions. Or at least I hope thats what they did. We don’t get results for 5-10 days in the form of a letter.

I am split, I know she knows letters and numbers but she just isn’t socialized very much. She is an only child who has grown up with adult family around, not too many friends to play with everyday. Thank goodness for our library group or she’d have even less. Thank you Heather, Angela, and Dannie for letting this dad into your group with Sariah. I’ll definitely update when we get our letter informing us of the school board’s decision.


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