Prayer at Relay for Life

I had the opportunity last night to participate in a Relay for Life. I took advantage of this opportunity to make my point of view known to anyone who asked me if I believed in god or prayed for anyone with cancer. I really wanted to take the microphone and just put it out there…

“How many people in this room have prayed for their loved one to be cured of cancer? I don’t just mean everyday praying, I mean true, wholeheartedly praying for the remission and cure of this horrible disease. (I imagined many hands going up and mass agreeing) Look around, there are about 1000 people in here, many more elsewhere who couldn’t make it tonight. I bet all of us at some point have looked to god with our deepest wishes to have a cure found and our loved ones freed. This is my evidence, and it should be yours as well, against god. He allows this travesty to befall his people. I have been freed, I know this is a disease and I know that I need to give what I can to fund research for the cure. Prayer has no power, research does.”


Of course, I couldn’t say any of this to the group as a whole but I did let my feelings be known to two people who asked me to pray for a cure. I hope that someday I will be able to have a booth at an event and just let my position be known. I have been in the beginning phases of starting a group for freethinkers in the Clarksville area.



One last little story from work…

I was chatting with one of the ladies that I work with on Friday, I had my back to the door, I cracked it open and the storm was blowing in so her calendar fell off the door. As I picked it up:

M: read that Bible verse to me

Me: nah I don’t read that stuff

M: Aren’t you mormon

Me: I was, but I gave it up

M: So, what do you believe now?

Me: Not what you do

M: Well, maybe one day you’ll come to your senses

Me: Well, maybe someday you will to M


I have never seen someone get offended at being told the exact same thing they just said to someone else. I am new to the life of the atheist and this is but the first of many encounters I am sure to have with the double-standard, contradictory folk that I live and work around.


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