Cherry Picking Beliefs

I was introduced to the term NOM/Jack today on the blog Spoonfull of Sugar. I’d never heard of these and through examination came to the conclusion that they are the members of the LDS church that don’t actually believe everything that the “church” does.


OK, so everyone doesn’t have to believe everything the same way, but if you just don’t believe one of the major claims of a church maybe you shouldn’t be a member of that church. Its rare these days but when religions are getting off the ground sects form with the people who believe different parts making their own church. With very little searching you can find a list of the sects of the LDS church and what each believes.


I say if you don’t believe a claim of the mainstream LDS then you should find the right sect. Its confusing and deceitful (even if just to yourself) when you say you are a Latter-day Saint but don’t believe some of its claims.


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  1. I think many people find that Mormonism is more than a religion. It is like a culture. At the very least, leaving the church often comes with very big social consequences (e.g., divorces, falling out with family, losing friends, perhaps even losing one’s job if they work with a lot of Mormons).

    So, I think most people would rather not harm those relationships. Hence: New Order Mormons.

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