A Numbers Game

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) is a biochemical technique that allows a scientist to amplify a minute sample of DNA/RNA to thousands or even millions of copies. Many pieces of the technology have to work in harmony to ensure that it works correctly. When I was in college it baffled me as to how the parts knew where they were supposed to go until one professor explained it much more simply.

He said, (not an actual quote as its been a few years since I thought about this) Its a numbers game. The bases that we have added to the sample don’t know where they are supposed to go. They go where they can, and if the polymerase uses them there then they are added to the new sample of DNA. If however they have attached to an incorrect place or if they have attached somewhere on the DNA strand that the polymerase hasn’t replicated yet and the polymerase doesn’t get to them in time they will fall off and “try again” on the next cycle. If they are placed in the wrong place that strand is either destroyed or a few bases either side will be kicked off.

I was reading a post by The Page Nebula that was examining the logic behind reasoning that I have a liver even though I’ve never seen my own liver and that every object has a creator so there must be a creator. While trying to comment on his post it hit me that the evolutionary natural selection steps we have gone through are kind of like PCR. The advantageous pairs/mutations are kept and the bad ones are deleted/replaced.

I can see a flaw in the argument saying that I am a creator. That argument would only agree for “A” creator, not for the god of the bible, or any specific god. More of a deist view or whatever they are. I see myself in that analogy only as bringing the stuff closer together just to shorten time scale in the argument. All of the variables have to be perfect….we just happen to be the ones that made it. There are possibly billions of other planets, we just happened to be on planet which we incubated and evolved to become what we are. I will end with the title….Its all a Numbers Game.


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