My Coming Out pt7 – Rebuttals

This letter presents the largest inconsistencies in the character and teachings of Joseph Smith and the Church he founded. There are many more problems I have, that I have not gone into in this letter; the lack of evidence for the actual claims in the Book of Mormon, the “ignorance is bliss” attitude of the membership, and the disregard for evidence against any belief held by the church.
I hope this reaches you and you can see that I am not hurt about any interaction with anyone in the church. I only look to get the facts out there to be seen by those people who have not heard of any of the controversies. Some of these people could go their entire life and never hear that there is evidence against the church they believe whole heartedly.
You may label me a freethinker, agnostic, or atheist, I do not mind any of these titles, in fact, I contend we are both atheists I only believe in one less god than you do. When you understand why you don’t believe in Zeus or Odin you understand why I don’t believe in Allah or Yahweh. When you understand why a threat of not going to Valhalla has no sway on your decisions you will understand why the threat of not going to Heaven has no sway on mine.

If you wish to counter any argument I have made thus far, please, email me at I would do better debating topics with you by writing than in speaking. Harsh words and tones can influence what we hear and that is negated in text. I welcome debate, the only terms are; neither side will get emotional about the topics brought up, neither side will attack the other person, and neither side will present the same argument consistently, and if feelings are being hurt the debate will end with no hard feelings. I do not wish to lose any family or friends over this decision.


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