Play Group and Library Day

It’s Wednesday, what’s that mean, you say? It’s library and dance day! I love wednesdays because Sariah and I get to see our friends. We are able to get out of the house and have a day of fun without spending loads of money. I love getting Sariah out and letting her socialize with kids her own age. I am sure that this group, and that socialization, will help her be more ready for school. We go to the library for story time and a craft and then hangout for a play date afterwards. If it is nice out we try to get to the park for fresh air and exercise while if its gross or cold out we head to McDonalds to take advantage of the play place. It’s safe to assume we’ve not been to the park in a while and, Sariah and I at least, can’t wait until we get to go back.

I like being able to talk to other parents, even tough they are all moms, about raising our kids. The moms I am friends with all have older kids so they have more experience and advice about things I haven’t encountered YET.

After library, as we aren’t going to drive home between the two, we hang out in town or at my moms house until its time to get to dance. Talking about the mom friends at library/play group, guess who I spend time talking to at dance…. The moms (except one dad who comes sometimes). It really doesn’t bother me that much as I’ve always been more feminine than masculine. I grew up with my mom, sister, and grandmother… Always worked with more females than males… Now I hang out with the moms. It’s cool, I like talking about food, cooking, and our kids.

Speaking of food, no dinner recipe for you guys tonight, we had Witts Bar-B-Q.

Thanks for reading………..see ya


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