My Worries

A quicky post today. I came across a post on Reddit….

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I can’t say that I’ve never thought that I would end up in this situation, reading his story has struck a chord with my own journey. I love my wife and thus far I am very proud to say that my disbelief has not caused any problems with my family ties. Perhaps because I have kept it quiet, but that should reinforce to them that I am the same person, I just don’t believe in their god.

I do not want to end up in the same situation as this guy, I feel so bad that his epiphany has led to the break up of his family. I worry about his son and my daughter being in the middle of the coming battles. I am doing my best to raise my daughter to be intelligent and be able to think for herself, and if I have to stand up to my family members to protect her from the strict indoctrination she may be subject to if I weren’t here, I most certainly will.


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