My Renewed Faith

I met a girl, now my wife, in the summer of 2007 with a little help from the combination of Harry Potter and the internet. I was lost, wandering in my faith/lack of said faith. I had never encountered a mormon before, she introduced me to her family, her community, and her faith; all three of which accepted me (green hair and all). The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, less than accurately nicknamed the Mormons. The extra beliefs (above those of the run-of-the-mill christian church) that I was introduced to when investigating the church somehow over shadowed the tales that my scientific mind had already debunked. If you don’t know about the church, click here, learn about it for yourself, I will not judge you (not harshly at least) if you choose that it is the best option.

I can’t say that I instantly bought in to everything that they believe, mostly because you aren’t even told everything you will believe (Milk before Meat….that’s another blog entry, check back for that one). The smaller differences made since: no hell, preexistence, a chance for those who weren’t taught in life to learn of the “true church” and be saved after death. But, I always had my doubts about the larger steps: a boy was given a record of a group of people, who traveled across the ocean to the Americas, on which he would found a religion. As an investigator you (as I was) are told to steer clear of the internet, presumably to keep away from misinformation but I have found it is to keep you from learning more than you can accept (milk before meat again). I tried to accept it, but it never clicked. I never fully believed, so I faked it.

It wasn’t that hard, its actually amazing how easy it was to “infiltrate” the ranks of the church. The ease of someone faking the belief in the church’s teachings became one of my major points to my second apostasy. Another was the milk before meat policy, I couldn’t understand why a set of beliefs couldn’t be all learned by an investigator. What is it they are trying to hide? It was too much, I have backed away from the church. I still love my wife and her family is awesome, but when it comes to church items I keep quiet.

I have grown in the years since The Allegory of the Cave by Plato when I simply didn’t believe some items most people held to the highest regard. Now, I am a student of life. I am still learning about the problems of faith, the problems of the christian church, and the overwhelming problems of the LDS. I do not intend to turn into a “faith basher” or an outspoken atheist. I do intend to stand up for my right to not believe. I intend to stand up for my daughter’s right to grow up learning the truths about the world and not indoctrinated into any religion without investigating it for herself. I have in fact written a letter to her, which I intend to give to her in the future, that will tell her to not believe anything unless the evidence supports the claims.


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